Cavaliers have lost four straight

Cavaliers have lost four straight

The Cleveland Cavaliers are struggling and have lost four straight games with their average margin of defeat being just over 12 points.

At one point the Cleveland Cavaliers were 4-5, that was before their four game losing streak. With losses to the 76ers (twice), Heat and Knicks, Cleveland is looking for answers.

Now, Monday’s to loss to New York is relatively easy to figure out. Going into a game without both Kevin Love and Larry Nance Jr. is not going to put the Cavaliers in position to win.

There is one common theme with all four losses, difference in shooting. Cleveland is being outshot 49.4% to 42.7% on average over the past four games. That seven percent can play a huge role over the course of a game. Especially when Cleveland has attempted fewer shot attempts overall (350-337).

Another statistic that is common in all four losses is that Cleveland failed to make 40 field goals while their opponents made 40 or more. It averages out to 43.25 for their opponents to just 36 for the Cavaliers.

Fast break points is another issue for Cleveland. The Cavaliers have scored 38 total compared to 69 for their opponents. This almost 2 to 1 ratio is a problem and is quite clear why the Cavaliers have failed to win their past four games.

In order to get out of this skid, they will need to be more efficient in their shooting and limit their opponents fast break points. If they are able to accomplish this they could bring their record closer to .500 on the season.

Looking at the Cavaliers uniform record, they now have lost in all of their uniforms this season.

The Cavaliers seem to lose quite often in their red uniforms. It might be time to mix things up uniform wise moving forward.

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