Carlos Carrasco deserves better than this

Carlos Carrasco

Cleveland Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco came on in relief Tuesday and did not have a great outing. This led to some awful responses from fans.

I actually have to type the following sentence and it sickens me. Do not be an asshole to Carlos Carrasco. 

Carlos Carrasco pitched Tuesday and his performance brought out the worst in a lot of people. Deciding that then and there was the proper to time to hurl insults at someone who beat Leukemia and got ready to pitch in an extremely short period of time. The amount of strength, mental and physical that is takes to do that is astronomical. Carrasco’s determination and will to get back on the field and be ready to help his team in the playoff push is incredible. But the lowest of the low, pure human garbage decided that it is time to tweet terrible things about Carrasco. 

It was not exclusive to twitter, Facebook had some truly awful comments. Comments that there are no defense for besides that they are truly terrible people. 

Yeah the Cleveland Indians lost a game. It happens. The bullpen blew a lead. It happens. Cleveland still is fighting for the playoffs, something that will continue to happen. Do you know what doesn’t happen all that often? A Major League Baseball player being diagnosed with a life threatening disease, beating it, and returning to pitch that very same season. 

The interesting thing about these comments? If anyone tweeting these terrible things ever saw Carlos Carrasco in person they would ask for an autograph or a picture and pretend they never said anything negative about him.

People would rather tweet out something hateful about someone who has more courage and will power than they will ever know. Tweeting out hateful things does not take courage nor will power. Getting back to being one of the best athletes in the world after coming back from beating a disease does. 

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