Browns still in mix for Gerald McCoy

Browns still in mix for Gerald McCoy

Even though Gerald McCoy is visiting other teams (Baltimore and Carolina) the Cleveland Browns are still in the mix to land him.

Gerald McCoy is visiting the Carolina Panthers after visits with the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens. This is according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

It is assumed that McCoy will make his decision after visiting with Carolina. Playing time and money over the length of the contract will without a doubt be factors in his decision.

While the Browns may not be able to offer as much playing time as the other teams, they are still an attractive landing spot for Gerald McCoy. McCoy would be part of one of the better defensive lines in the NFL in Cleveland. Baltimore and Carolina may also be one of the better defensive lines in the NFL as well. Although it can be argued that McCoy would fit better in Cleveland.

There is also the fact that McCoy would be part of a rotation in Cleveland. The Browns already have the likes of Larry Ogunjobi and Sheldon Richardson in the center of the defensive line. Adding McCoy to that mix would provide constant pressure on the offensive line. When one of Ogunjobi or Richardson comes out, McCoy would come in which would give the offense zero breaks in regards to pressure from the defense. This rotation would make each player more effective over the course of the season.

Even if the Browns do not end up signing McCoy it is not the end of the world. Although it would be more ideal to see McCoy in a Panthers uniform rather than a Ravens uniform Baltimore has signed players that Cleveland has expressed interest in before and it is always tough to see the face the Browns. With McCoy the Browns defense is just that much better and would help usher in the new competitive era in Cleveland.

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