Browns sign Case Keenum to three-year deal

Browns sign Case Keenum to three-year deal

The Cleveland Browns have signed quarterback Case Keenum to a three-year deal worth $18 million with $10 million guaranteed.

There is now a competent backup quarterback in Cleveland. The Cleveland Browns have signed Case Keenum to a three-year deal to backup Baker Mayfield.

Case Keenum was just one quarterback the team was interested in when it came to finding a backup. Colt McCoy was another name mentioned when it came to finding Baker Mayfield’s backup.

This deal makes a ton of sense, Keenum knows the offense and was quite successful under Kevin Stefanski in Minnesota. Keenum can help guide Mayfield when it comes to learning the ins and outs. Keenum is also of similar size and stature so there will not be a dramatic shift in concepts when it comes to where the quarterback lines up and how the blocking schemes are utilized. Mayfield and Keenum also have similar strengths and weaknesses which would result in a less dramatic shift in philosophy if a quarterback change is made for one reason or another.

The three-year contract term is interesting and is quite noteworthy.

Why does it matter?

Baker Mayfield is entering his third season and Cleveland will have to decide whether or not they pick up his fifth-year option prior to year four. If Mayfield struggles again or the wheels fall off they may be inclined to decline the option.

With Keenum’s deal being three years it provides them with a quarterback for years three and four of Mayfield and a possible bridge quarterback for a rookie if they move on after year four. This is a contingency plan in case things do not work out with their current quarterback.

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