Browns should consider Jared Veldheer

Browns should consider Jared Veldheer

Jared Veldheer has been released from the New England Patriots and is looking to resume his career. The Cleveland Browns should look into his services.

Jared Veldheer is now a free agent. The New England Patriots have released him and he is apparently looking to play this season.

The Cleveland Browns should look into signing Jared Veldheer. Cleveland’s starting tackles have been less than stellar all season long. Greg Robinson and Chris Hubbard are very much replaceable. In fact, Robinson was benched for a game earlier this season. While he has improved since that game, he is still sub-par overall. Adding someone like Veldheer into the mix might be able to improve the offensive line as the Browns push for the playoffs.

There are concerns though. New England had some offensive line issues of their own. Isaiah Wynn missed quite a bit of time, yet Veldheer remained on the reserve/retired list. New England did manage to work around the absence of Wynn, however the fact that the class of the NFL did not turn to Veldheer should be alarming. If the Patriots did not find a way to convince him to help their team why should other teams?

Jared Veldheer was dealing with some hip issues which led to his retirement. After attempting to prepare for this season, Veldheer determined he was not going to be able to perform up to the standards of the NFL. It is possible that the time spent away from the game has helped him in that regard, but it is also very possible that the same issue flares up again.

Even with his hip issues the Browns should still explore signing him. There is nothing wrong with trying to improve the roster this late in the season, especially since the options are usually pretty thin. Exhaust all options before determine that there is no more. That’s all anyone asks of John Dorsey and Co.

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