Browns need to reset, focus on Week 2


The Cleveland Browns were stuck in neutral in Week 1. They need to take this week to make adjustments and get ready for Week 2 against the New York Jets.

It is time to reset and get ready for Week 2. Week 1 was an absolute disaster for the Cleveland Browns. It was a penalty-fest which took a toll on the Browns. Cleveland definitely committed some stupid penalties but there were plenty of examples of lopsided officiating. 

Now it is time to focus on the New York Jets. Cleveland will face the Jets in Monday Night Football and will have the opportunity for redemption in front of a national audience. 

Many view this as a rematch of the Baker Mayfield coming out party on Thursday Night Football last year. While both teams and quarterbacks are the same, the roster construction is very different. Cleveland has a much improved roster as do the Jets. 

This is much easier said than done but Week 1’s outcome will need to be forgotten. There are two things that need to be worked on going into Week 2.

First is discipline. 

Do not commit stupid penalties and avoid anything that could remotely be called a penalty. All eyes are on the Browns and plenty will try to take them down a peg or two. Opponents will try and bait the Browns into doing something stupid. Remember, it is not who started a scuffle to be penalized but the last person to do something. They end up being caught every time and they are the one who gets the penalty whether it is fair or not. 

Second is protecting Baker Mayfield. 

There was a distinct difference in Cleveland and Tennessee’s protection schemes. Tennessee was missing key offensive lineman but were able to protect Marcus Mariota. Bunching receivers next to the line in an effort to slow down the Cleveland pass rush. Cleveland would be wise to take this strategy and copy it immediately. Considering that the Browns are taking many shots downfield, they need give Baker time in the pocket. Something that he did not have Sunday. If they opt to not do that the offense needs to adapt more of a quick strike philosophy rather than deep shot after deep shot.  

The Browns are definitely more than capable of bouncing back and defeating the Jets in New York next week. They just have to adjust to what they saw Sunday.  

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