Browns miss out on Gerald McCoy


The Cleveland Browns miss out on free agent defensive tackle Gerald McCoy as he decided to sign with the Carolina Panthers.

As the details emerge from Gerald McCoy’s decision to sign with the Carolina Panthers it appears the Browns chances to sign the free agent defensive tackle were slim. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network McCoy wanted to stay in the south. Cleveland is far from the south.

The familiarity with the south is why McCoy desired to remain there. McCoy has been in the south since coming into the league in 2010.

There is also the fact that McCoy can get revenge against his former team. Many people may have underestimated this factor. When teams move on from a player the aspect of revenge can play a big role. The Browns do face Tampa in the preseason, but it is not the same. McCoy would rather face the Buccaneers in a game that matters and not one that has literally zero impact on the regular season.

Now with the news that Ndamukong Suh will wear McCoy’s number in Tampa, there is even more incentive to enact revenge on Tampa. While Suh’s decision to take this number may not be a shot at McCoy, Tampa issuing this number to a player many view as his replacement probably does not sit well. If anyone was in McCoy’s shoes they would most likely feel the same way.

Sure if the Browns managed to sign Gerald McCoy it would have been great. McCoy would have added to the depth of the defensive line, a group that still needs help. The silver lining in this is that McCoy is not signing with Baltimore. If McCoy were to sign with the Ravens it would be a tough pill to swallow when the Browns have to face them twice a year.

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