Browns: Joe Woods may stay with 49ers

Browns: Joe Woods may stay with 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers may be able to persuade Joe Woods to stay and not join the Cleveland Browns as their defensive coordinator.

It was not long ago where Joe Woods becoming the next defensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns seemed inevitable. Apparently the San Francisco 49ers would prefer that not to happen.

It is easy to understand why San Francisco wants to keep Joe Woods. Woods has plenty of NFL experience and could end up as their defensive coordinator sooner rather than later. Robert Saleh will get interviews for head coaching jobs next offseason and could end up leaving. (Saleh was up for the Browns head coaching job before Cleveland hired Kevin Stefanski). In this scenario San Francisco would need an adequate replacement. Losing Joe Woods after this season and Robert Saleh the next would be tough to navigate. San Francisco appears to be putting together a contingency plan when/if Robert Saleh find a head coaching job.

This could also be Kyle Shanahan providing Joe Woods with some input on how the Cleveland Browns operate. Shanahan knows how the organization operates and the non-stop dysfunction in the building. Kyle Shanahan could very well be doing Joe Woods a favor. It might not entirely be about losing Joe Woods, it could be about not having Woods end up in Cleveland.

If Woods stays in San Francisco that would put the Browns in a position where they need to scramble to find their next defensive coordinator. Cleveland let Steve Wilks go after just one season and the position is currently vacant. Cleveland not having their own contingency plan if Woods doesn’t come to town would be near the top of the most Browns things ever.

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