Browns interview Josh McDaniels


The Cleveland Browns will be conducting their final interview of their coaching search with New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

It’s here. It’s finally here. The day the Cleveland Browns will interview Josh McDaniels.

Josh McDaniels has been considered to be the favorite for the job for quite some time. Cleveland has conducted a lengthy coaching search with a variety of candidates. Including Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski on Thursday.

This is the chance for the Haslams to make things right. There was once a time where McDaniels was expected to be the head coach of the Browns several years ago, only for him not to get the job. Cleveland opted to go in a different direction and as you know, the results have been disastrous since.

This interview seems to be more of a formality than anything. As long as Josh McDaniels does not completely bomb the interview or the Browns do not give him any reason to not take the job, it seems likely that Cleveland has their next head coach. Show up, interview, sign the deal. Seems pretty simple.

If Josh McDaniels is the next head coach of the Browns, expect Dave Ziegler, not Nick Caserio to follow him to Cleveland.

Nick Caserio was mostly named due to his position in New England, but Ziegler is right under Caserio in their organizational structure. Ziegler was with McDaniels in Denver and has since followed him to New England. A continuation of this and a return to northeast Ohio for Ziegler makes sense.

The ball is in the Haslams court. Will they finally get their white whale to potentially fix the Browns? Or will someone get in Jimmy Haslam’s ear and change his mind at the last second again? Hopefully they stick with Josh McDaniels this time around.

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