Browns discussed Wade Phillips as DC

Browns discussed Wade Phillips as DC

According to reports, the Cleveland Browns have discussed adding Wade Phillips as the defensive coordinator for Kevin Stefanski’s staff.

This could be move in the right direction. The Cleveland Browns have discussed Wade Phillips as a possible candidate for their defensive coordinator under Kevin Stefanski.

Benjamin Allbright previously covered Wade Phillips in Denver when he was the Broncos defensive coordinator and gave a ringing endorsement.

Ken Carman of 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland had a different reaction, but still an endorsement of sorts.

The biggest misconception for Phillips is his defensive scheme. From afar it appears to be a 3-4. This is false. The aforementioned Benjamin Allbright cleared this up today as he has many times before.

This would mean that Myles Garrett or Olivier Vernon would be in the standing up role. Well that is if Vernon is still on the roster and the NFL reinstates Garrett.

Wade Phillips could prove to be a valuable asset for the newly hired Kevin Stefanski. Phillips has been around the block a couple of times in a variety of roles and has seen it all. Phillips can be someone for Stefanski to refer to while on the sideline if he needs help.

The only thing working against Phillips is age. Phillips is 72 and it is not known how much longer he wants to coach. For what it is worth, his father Bum Phillips only coached until the age of 62. Bum resigned after 11 games and Wade took over as the interim head coach.

Wade Phillips would be a great resource for Kevin Stefanski and the rest of the coaching staff if the Browns decide to hire him. Whether that is the road choose to go down is a different story.

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