Browns: Beckham, Duke report to minicamp


It is time for the Cleveland Browns mandatory minicamp to begin. Odell Beckham Jr. and Duke Johnson will report after skipping voluntary workouts.

Odell Beckham Jr. and Duke Johnson will be attending the Cleveland Browns mandatory minicamp. In fact they reported a day early.

The Browns minicamp actually begins Tuesday, not Monday when Beckham and Johnson reported.

This is good news for the Browns and bad news for people too invested in narratives. There were endless tweets and stories written over the past week in regards to their absence.

Even Joe Thomas responded to the “high and mighty” Tony Grossi in regards to these two (and others) skipping OTA’s.

Read the thread, it is worth your time. The future Hall of Fame left tackle goes in depth about OTA’s.

The real thing that matters here is that Beckham and Johnson are present for mandatory minicamp. The key word here being “mandatory”. If a player were to skip something that is mandatory that is indeed when it is time to be concerned. An example being Damon “Snacks” Harrison absence from the Lions minicamp.

If Beckham and Johnson were to go in this route rather than attend that is when all the attention paid to them for skipping voluntary activities would be warranted. Both are present for mandatory minicamp. There is no reason to overreact to a previous absence.

Working out on their own is not an issue, in fact as Joe Thomas pointed out in his thread, it may be better for them on a personal level.

If Odell Beckham Jr. and Duke Johnson were younger players or rookies their presence at OTA’s would be more important. Both are veterans and have enough experience that their attendance at a voluntary activity is not warranted. As long as they are present for mandatory activities and play on Sunday, none of this really matters. Rather than worry about attendance in May and June, let’s be concerned about games that begin a few months from now.

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