BR says Cavs worst landing spot for LaMelo Ball

BR says Cavs worst landing spot for LaMelo Ball

A Bleacher Report article from Jonathan Wasserman states that the Cleveland Cavaliers are the worst landing spot for LaMelo Ball.

When it comes to the draft in any sport there is usually a campaign of sorts to try and keep a highly regarded prospect from certain teams. More often than not a Cleveland team is mentioned as a place where a player should stay away from or as a bad landing spot. That is the case with the Cleveland Cavaliers and LaMelo Ball.

Jonathan Wasserman of Bleacher Report put together a list of the five best and five worst landing spots for LaMelo Ball. Among the worst are the Cavs, Knicks, Hornets, Wizards, and Timberwolves. The best include the Pistons, Hawks, Bulls, Suns, and Warriors.

Wasserman does make some good points about the Cavs.

Aside from them drafting ball-handlers in the first round the past two years, the team has no set direction. It’s a franchise in limbo. The Cavaliers seemed to be rebuilding until trading for Andre Drummond. And Drummond won’t help them shake the title of league’s worst defense.

Wasserman on the Cavs lack of direction
After including yet another attempt by someone trying to trade Kevin Love Wassermann would add the following:

Though Cleveland should want Ball for his special passing—since Garland and Sexton are closer to scorers than playmakers—the Cavaliers’ situation isn’t a good one for LaMelo’s development and trajectory. It’s tough to picture any shortcut route for Cleveland to climb. And given Ball’s weaknesses as a defender and shooter and Cleveland’s poor team defense and shooting, the Cavaliers aren’t a suitable fit.

Wassermann on Ball’s fit in Cleveland

All of these are good points by Wassermann, but let’s be real here. If every bad team that is in limbo and with no direction didn’t draft potential franchise altering players they would never improve.

Yes, Kevin Love’s age and injury issues are a concern. The duo of Collin Sexton and Darius Garland are not the most exciting when compared to those on the “best” list. The reality is that the Cavs are in talent collection mode. Cleveland needs to acquire young talent in order to build a foundation of a team. LaMelo Ball may not fit with the current version of the Cavs, but who is to say he wouldn’t be a key player in the next incarnation of the team. If Cleveland were to take Ball and he is superior to some of their other young players it would make their decision about their status a bit easier and allow them to move them to improve the team. That is what is about after all, improving a team in order to get to a level of contention and attempt to win a title.

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