BR says Browns should consider trading Olivier Vernon

BR says Browns should consider trading Olivier Vernon

In Bleacher Report’s 1 Player Each NFL Team Should Consider Trading Before the 2020 Season article it is being suggested that the Clevealnd Browns should trade Olivier Vernon.

Bleacher Reported posted an article titled 1 Player Each NFL Team Should Consider Trading Before the 2020 Season” and surprise, surprise it’s Olivier Vernon.

There are two things that everyone is trying to make happen this offseason when it comes to the Cleveland Browns. Moving on from Oliver Vernon and signing Jadeveon Clowney. While the latter people need to stop trying to make happen, the former shouldn’t happen either.

Without getting into a debate about abilities, grades, performances, etc. of each player, the fact of the matter is that Vernon does not have a whole lot of trade value. Vernon is someone who has long injury history and has a large salary for the upcoming season. (Those pining for Clowney better realize that the previous statement also applies to him). Vernon is set to make just over $15-milllion in 2020 and that is not really all that enticing for a team looking for pass rush help.

The real surprise of the article is that the player in question is not Odell Beckham Jr. Constant trade rumors have surrounded OBJ since landing in Cleveland and will only continue to surface. Even though this time he seems to have flown under the radar somehow. Willing to bet that if there was an honorable mention it would be Beckham.

Perhaps the Browns hype is starting to gain unstoppable momentum again. Powered by the belief that Baker Mayfield will bounce back and prove he isn’t a pedestrian quarterback. Believing that the only way that Baker is good next season is if Beckham is still in Cleveland. For that to be true Beckham cannot be the player mentioned here. Either way everyone knows that the Browns best realistic trade asset wears No. 13 and not No. 54.


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