Blue Jays to play “home” games in Pittsburgh

Blue Jays to play “home” games in Pittsburgh

The Toronto Blue Jays will be sharing PNC Park in Pittsburgh with the Pirates for their “home” games this season as Toronto is not an option.

After a few days of uncertainty the Toronto Blue Jays have a ballpark to call home for the 2020 season. PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

Toronto was no longer an option after the Canadian government told the club and Major League Baseball that games were not going to be permitted to take place at Rogers Centre. Buffalo and Baltimore were discussed as options, but it is Pittsburgh where the Blue Jays will play the majority of their home games this season. There are two times when they will not play a home game in Pittsburgh. Toronto will be the “home team” when facing the Yankees and Nationals in their stadium due to the Pirates having priority over the Blue Jays at PNC Park.

While the stadium problem is solved, it does present a new issue. Part of the reason for the way the season was constructed was to limit the players/teams contact with each other. Now more teams than initially planned will make trips to the same stadium, calling into question the integrity of the season they are about to embark upon. Ensuring that everyone involved in this season is safe will now be a much larger endeavor than previously imagined which could present more difficulties they may not be adequately prepared for.


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