Bio-Dome plan for NBA seems doomed

Bio-Dome plan for NBA seems doomed

The NBA has a Bio-Dome type plan to resume their season down in Orlando and as time goes on it seems completely doomed.

The season is supposed to resume at the end of July with 22 teams participating all while essentially locked down in Bio-Dome type situation at Walt Disney World. Seems like a pretty solid way to continue their season and crown a champion. But there’s a problem. There has been a surge in COVID-19 cases in Florida which should be quite alarming.

The Orlando Pride had to withdraw from the NWSL Challenge cup due to players testing positive for COVID-19.

These players were in Orlando and tested positive, this seems problematic for a league looking to locate their isolated format down to Florida.

Adam Silver and the NBA can say whatever they want now about resuming the season, but the fact of the matter is it may not be safe. By the time the season is supposed to resume COVID cases could continue to rise which would put a premature end to their continued season plans. If the cases continue to spike a second lockdown period could occur in the state that seems to effortlessly thrive on chaos.

Not even Bud Macintosh and Doyle Johnson themselves would be able to make it through the chaos in Florida., even if they were to stumble upon another Bio-Dome for them to destroy. Only in the real world this Bio-Dome is Walt Disney World with Bud and Doyle being represented by COVID-19. We all know what happened in the movie, the Bio-Dome was destroyed. Bud and Doyle eventually revived the structure and thwarted an attempt by Dr. Noah Faulkner to blow up the Bio-Dome. Unfortunately there may not be happy ending for the NBA in Florida as the threat they are facing is not something that can be so easily defeated.

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