Ben McAdoo visiting with Browns

Ben McAdoo visiting with Browns

According to reports, former New York Giants offensive coordinator and head coach Ben McAdoo is in Cleveland visiting with the Browns.

Well, this was unexpected. Ben McAdoo is in Cleveland visiting with the Browns.

Just what position McAdoo is there to interview for is unclear. It is possible that they are looking at the former Giants coach to be their next offensive coordinator. Cleveland previously showed interest in former Broncos offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello and are exploring their options for Kevin Stefanski’s coaching staff.

Much like Scangarello, Ben McAdoo had some missteps that sound quite familiar. McAdoo would seemingly pick and choose which players to hold accountable. Freddie Kitchens did the exact same thing. Kitchens would hold players accountable at seemingly random times. This can divide a locker room very quickly and this is something that happened to McAdoo while he was in New York.

There is also the issue about his offense. The New York Giants offense was unspectacular and handled incorrectly under Ben McAdoo. Opponents would know their game plan and were able to prevent them from being successful. The Giants wanted to force the ball to Odell Beckham Jr. and everyone knew it. Rather than coming up with a new game plan, McAdoo opted to not change their offense from the previous year. This just made things that much easier for the defense to prepare for.

The Cleveland Browns may be better off going without an offensive coordinator if the alternative is Ben McAdoo. It is far from popular, but is the idea of McAdoo as an offensive coordinator really that appealing?

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