Andre Drummond and his future with Cavs

Andre Drummond and his future with Cavs

The Boston Celtics are reportedly keeping tabs on the situation in Cleveland with their recently acquired center.

An article from Evan Dammarell of Forbes has named the Boston Celtics as one team “monitoring the situation” in regards to Andre Drummond and the Cleveland Cavaliers. That situation being that contract extension talks are no longer going on between the two parties. The San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers are also teams mentioned as possible trade destinations by Dammarell, but the Celtics are the only team mentioned to be paying close attention.

The decision to for Cleveland to acquire Drummond from Detroit was puzzling from the start. It was a win-now move for a team far from being at the spot in the team building process. However, there was some hope that the Cavs could sign Drummond to a long term deal. This is something that which would make up for the potential and expected loss of Tristan Thompson this offseason. Now that contract talks are non-existent, trade discussions will no doubt surround the talented center.

If things change and the Cavs can work out a deal with Andre Drummond that would be a great move for the future of the team. If not, shopping him and acquiring assets to help the rebuild is a good alternative. Cleveland is a team that is not really in a position to be refusing assets in the team building department. If that is the result of moving Drummond, this is something that the Cavs would be wise to consider.


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