Alvin Kamara on the way out from New Orleans?

Alvin Kamara on the way out from New Orleans?

According to reports, the New Orleans Saints are open to trading dynamic running back Alvin Kamara.

The situation in New Orleans was interesting when reports surfaced that Alvin Kamara was absent from practice. Now things are getting just a bit more interesting in New Orleans. The Saints are open to trading Alvin Kamara according to Josina Anderson.

Ian Rapoport would add that a trade has not been requested by Kamara or his agent.

What this appears to be coming down to is money. Kamara is going to need a new contract and there is a certain number the Saints are willing to pay him.

Now it would be crazy for a team like New Orleans to trade Alvin Kamara when they only have so much time left with Drew Brees. Having the full compliment of weapons available to Brees is the best way to maximize their limited time left. While handing Kamara a large contract is not necessarily the best idea, there has to be some sort of middle ground that the two sides can agree upon.