A second rounder for Andre Drummond?

A second rounder for Andre Drummond?

A report states that the Cleveland Cavaliers may only be able get a second rounder or two in exchange for their center.

A report posted to Hoops Hype was discussing what the Cleveland Cavaliers could get in return for Andre Drummond and they are underwhelming. The story said the following in regards to a possible return for the he 27-year old center.

Four of the executives polled felt Cleveland could get one or two second-round picks in exchange for Drummond.

Poll of executives in the report on Hoops Hype

Not exactly an enticing package for Cleveland. Part of the issue is how much Andre Drummond is making and that is mentioned in the article

“He’s a premier rebounder,” one Eastern Conference executive told HoopsHype. “However, on the flip side, he’s an impending free agent making $28 million. Therefore, a contender needs to send out multiple players (likely dead weight) and an asset (a second-round pick or possibly two).”

The salary issue when it comes to Drummond from Hoops Hype

Is it really worth taking on dead weight for a second round pick (or two) for the sake of trading Andre Drummond? Not really. There is still the possibility that the Cavs can workout a new deal with the veteran center and trading him for the hell of it is not really a smart idea. The fact of the matter is Cleveland is a team in the playoff hunt for one of the lower seeds. While that may be a consolation prize for most of the teams vying for the postseason, it is about making progress as an organization. Getting out of the basement of the Eastern Conference without LeBron James on the roster would be a massive step forward. Keeping Andre Drummond on the roster may make the possibility a reality.


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