2019 may be over for Carlos Carrasco

Carlos Carrasco

During a press conference Thursday, Cleveland Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco stated he was not sure if he will pitch again this season.

When Carlos Carrasco went on the injured list with an undisclosed blood condition his future this season was already in question. When news came out that he had leukemia, this put the rest of 2019 in doubt even further. In a press conference on Thursday, Carrasco stated that he was unsure on his status for the rest of the season.

The reality of the situation is that it is important for Carrasco to be healthy. If that means he does not pitch again this season that is fine. It is much more important for Carlos Carrasco to be healthy off the field before he attempts to perform on it.

During the All-Star Game in his home ballpark, the Cleveland Indians made sure to honor Carlos Carrasco.

What this also does is impact the Indians plans in regards to the trade market. There is the possibility that the Indians trade Trevor Bauer but the status of Carlos Carrasco among others may impact that decision. The most notable name among the others is Corey Kluber. Kluber is still recovering from an arm injury and his status is also up in the air for the remainder of the year. A continued absence from either pitcher may not motivate Cleveland to move Bauer, but if a return for Carrasco or Kluber at some point becomes imminent a trade may be a bit easier to execute.

What the Cleveland Indians plan to do with their roster in regards to trades should become a bit clearer after their series with the Twins. Cleveland trails Minnesota by 5.5 games at the moment and this series could either cut into or lengthen the Twins lead. The result of this first series after the break could determine exactly how the Indians decide to handle their roster decisions.

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